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The Kitchen Gadget Wedding Gifts You’ll Actually Love to Use Every Day

Knowing which wedding gifts to register for and/or choosing which gifts to give can cause major wedding party anxiety. That’s why I’m sharing my all-time favorite kitchen gadgets to get your gifting game on.

The Kitchen Gadget Wedding Gifts You’ll Actually Love to Use Every Day |

We’re approaching wedding season, which means it’s time to start the search for some cute shoes and shop some registries.

I recently shared my favorite kitchen wedding registry gifts, and you guys wanted to see more. So now that we’ve got the big basics covered, I’m excited to talk about the little things — the handiest of the kitchen gadgets.

I’m a total gadget junkie, and whether you’re a bride to be just setting out to build your registry, or whether you’re just shopping for the happy couple, I promise you can’t go wrong with any of these awesome kitchen tools. They’re ones I reach for time and time again when I’m in the kitchen, and not only do they making cooking and baking more fun, they make it all so much easier.

While singly these may not add up to an impressive gift, pick a few or all of them to supply the new couple with the essentials they’ll really love or do like me and add one to the top of the wrapped wedding gift as a little extra somethin’ somethin’. Or tie with ribbon to your favorite cookbook (this is the wedding gift cookbook I give most often) to inspire the newly betrothed to get into the kitchen and discover where the love gets cookin’.

Ready? Set? Shop! And say “I do” to my favorite gadgets you’ll love too.

I am a huge fan of garlic in my recipes, and while many directions include adding minced or chopped garlic to the dish, I’m all about the press. My mom has the best garlic press that was handed down to her from my grandma and I’ve been eyeing that gadget since I was a kid. I’ve tried dozens of garlic presses but have never been able to match my mom’s. Until I discovered this totally inexpensive version by Ikea and at this price, you can totally afford to give it a try yourself.

Of nearly every gadget I use in the kitchen, my kitchen scissors are probably the thing I use every single day. Whether it’s trimming chicken, snipping herbs, or even cutting pie crusts, these are my handiest of the handy handheld gadgets. My favorite pair is this red handled scissor by Zwilling J.A. Henckels. Whether you use these babies to snip some herbs or cut apart a whole chicken, they’re super strong and sharp, and they get the job done.

This is the little something extra that seems to make its way with each and every wedding present I give: a handheld mandoline. I have a super fancy German mandoline that I drag out of the cupboard for big jobs, but for every day slicing of garlic, onions, and more, this is the one I reach for over and over again. I just purchased this Progressive brand after using the OXO version for years. But after buying several of the OXO, they quickly lost their stability in the adjustments of the thickness of the cuts. This brand seems more sturdy so far. Time will tell.

Add these tongs to the list of kitchen tools I use daily! These are great for tossing pastas, salads, and turning meats and produce while you’re cooking them. Their nylon tips are heat resistant up to 400 degrees, and they have a locking mechanism so when you’re not using them they fit compactly in your drawer or utensil holder.

I’ve used so many meat thermometers over the years and finally landed on one I love. I’m obsessed with my thermapen. It’s small, has a digital temperature read, is simple to use, and it’s the only thing I rely on to check the temperature of meats and fish, because it’s always accurate. And it’s also handy for testing water temperature before adding to yeast.

A dull knife is the worst thing you can have lying around your kitchen. I’m obsessed with anything Zwilling makes, because all of their knives are incredibly sharp and they make slicing and chopping a breeze! They’re also very reasonably priced. I have several of their knives, but this paring knife is one of my faves and is one I reach for on a daily basis.

If you enjoy making soups, an immersion blender is an absolute must. But I use mine for so much more. It’s awesome for pureeing tomatoes, blending smoothies, and making whipped cream, mayo, pesto, salad dressings, hollandaise sauce, etc.. I also love that it’s lightweight and takes up minimal space.

The egg slicer could be thought of as part of the “gadgets you think you need but really don’t” category, but believe me, this is one that’s worth it. Hardboiled eggs are one of my go-to’s for snacks and breakfasts-on-the-run (hello bacon, egg and cheese biscuits!) and the egg slicer makes snack and meal prep a cinch. Just look at my mom’s potato salad for proof.

There are so many different types of spatulas out there, but silicone is the best, and this three-piece set is great because it features a variety of sizes and styles. These spatulas are flexible, durable, and heat resistant up to 425 degrees, and the different shapes and sizes are ideal for scraping, mixing, and maneuvering around big and small spaces.

I literally use my microplane every single time I’m making something in my kitchen — it’s pretty much the best thing ever. I use mine for grating hard cheeses, garlic, ginger, citrus, whole spices, and chocolate, and I love how fine it gets everything, compared to using a regular grater.

My food processor is something I regularly use, but I have a confession: I have two of them. And of those two, I have to say I use my mini more often. It’s smaller and more compact, so I can actually keep it out on my counter at all times, versus my bigger, bulkier one (that I still love, but have to keep in my cabinet because it just takes up too much space). This one is ideal for quickly throwing together small batches of things, like pesto, salsa, salad dressing, chopping an onion, and more.

Can openers can be so frustrating, but this Kuhn Ricon is by far the best I’ve used. It’s a little tricky to get used to but once you do, it has a locking mechanism that holds your grip for you, and it’s easy to pump the handle to turn. Easy peasy.

These measuring spoons are the best because they save so much space! They’re magnetic, so they nest and you can easily keep them together, which means you’re not having to hunt around for a missing one. Plus, I like that each spoon has another end, so you can re-measure without having to wash in between, and the oval shape is awesome for fitting into narrower areas (i.e. spice jars).

These magnetic peelers are so awesome (once again, yay for magnets and saving space) with one peeler with a serrated blade, one has a julienne blade, and one has a straight blade, so you’re totally covered no matter what you’re julienning.

There are a number of ways to juice citrus — reamers, juicers, squeezers, and of course just your hands, but this hand-held squeezer is my favorite (and I’ve tried several brands). It works well for any type of citrus too, and it won’t kill your hand while using it, no matter how many lemons you need to juice.

So those are my favorites, but I’m sure I’m missing a few. So tell us all, what are your favorite kitchen gadget essentials? Weigh in below!

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