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Super Secret Sub – It’s Under Wraps!

What happens when you wrap up sub fillings in a tortilla? You have a Super Secret Sub that’s out of this world and full of flavor.

Super Secret Sub | Good Cheap Eats

What’s so secret about this submarine sandwich? Well, it’s under wraps, of course!

(I love a good pun.)

Now seriously, wraps have had hit-or-miss popularity over the years. Sometimes you see them in sandwich shops; sometimes you don’t. Why? I have no idea.

Essentially, a wrap is a sandwich wrapped in a tortilla or flatbread instead of bread. It’s a convenient pantry challenge technique when you’ve run out of bread or rolls. Since tortillas are a neutral vehicle, you can use whatever flavor profile you like. While the flatbread may have its origins south of the border, you don’t have to commit to a Mexican food filling.

Super Secret Sub – It’s Under Wraps!

Have you ever made an Italian sandwich on a large, burrito size tortilla? It is delicious, easy, and inexpensive — all the good things I look for in a recipe. I took one of my family’s favorite deli meat combinations (ham and salami) and rolled it up in a wrap, aka this Super Secret Sub. So, easy, so delicious.

Super Secret Sub | Good Cheap Eats

Some tips for rolling your wraps

Now if you’re not sure how to roll a burrito, be sure to watch my ancient YouTube video here. How you roll it really does matter. It will help if you have room temperature or even slightly warmed tortillas. They crack less and tend to stay rolled when they aren’t refrigerator cold.

Don’t overfill the wrap — I’m looking at you, Chipotle — or it will be too hard to keep closed. Go for thinner tortillas so that you don’t feel like your filling to tortilla ratio is too skimpy.

To make it packable, leave the wrap “dry” and serve the dressing on the side.

Super Secret Sub | Good Cheap Eats

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