is for folks who wants to be updated before others about delicious recipes of cookies, chicken, vegetabls, etc. If you have any kind of questions please feel free to ask and i hope you enjoy!

Kitchen Winning: A Bi-Weekly Livestream

Hey hey hey! I just wanted to let you know about something new on the horizon. After years of experimenting with different livestream social media, I decided to do something big:

Kitchen Winning: a bi-monthly livestream all about cooking and winning in the kitchen.

I believe cooking and meal planning don’t have to be overwhelming. You CAN get organized in the kitchen and make great meals without going broke or freaking out.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you during episode 1 of Kitchen Winning. I’ll be producing this livestream via the Crowdcast app. It’ll kinda be like a podcast but with my face to look at. 😉 There’s a cool polling function, a time-stampable QA function, and a chat box. Best yet, since it’s not on social media, there will be less likelihood of trolls joining us.

The 30-minute episodes are free for you to attend, so I hope you’ll join me. You do need to register, though, which you can do here:

The first episode goes live on Saturday, December 22 at 10 am PST. Say you’ll come! It’s gonna be so fun!

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