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Dinner Mishap? Have a Backup Meal Plan

Not every meal you serve will be picture perfect. While mishaps can happen, you can save the day by having a backup meal plan.

It stands to reason that not every meal you plan will go the way you want it to. Life happens. The power goes out. You forget to thaw something.

Such is life in the modern age.

We don’t spend all day working out our sustenance like Ma Ingalls, so somethings slip our minds.

Even mine. As my husband and children can testify, not every meal I plan goes the way I want it to. In fact, one Christmas Eve when the shrimp feast I had planned didn’t happen, we headed out Panda Express and made the most of it.

My kids were thrilled with their “Panda feast”, but I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t planned better and that some extra hard-earned dollars flew out the door.

Thankfully for our budget, take-out doesn’t have to be our only options when it comes to dinnertime mishaps, especially if you have a backup meal plan devised in advance.

I’ve mentioned different ways that you can prepare for the unexpected at the holidays:

  • Create a beverage box.
  • Plan a snack tray.
  • Prepare for quick and easy desserts.
  • Create a party pantry.

But what about the main meal? Sometimes when you’ve planned to serve a meal to guests or family, it doesn’t always go according to plan. What do you do then?

Have a backup meal plan!

A backup meal plan doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can be fun!

Possible Backup Meal Plans

Consider these options for possible backup meal plans, with company or without. None of them take very long to prepare, as long as you’ve got the ingredients on hand.

  • Stash a frozen lasagna or pan of enchiladas in the freezer.
  • Keep canned beans, rice, and some fun toppings on hand for cheap and easy Beans and Rice.
  • Load up on noodles and your favorite sauce for an impromptu pasta feed.
  • Prepare Thursday Night Soup with whatever you got and mix up a batch of Buttermilk Cornbread.
  • Stock your pantry with the ingredients for the Quickest Chili in the West. Ready in 20 minutes!
  • Call for Chinese food or a pizza. It happens!

How to make your backup meal plans still feel special:

Remember that presentation matters. How you present the food you’re serving to family and/or guests makes a big difference in how it is received.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with paper plates, especially when chaos, power failures, or wild dogs eating the turkey prompt you to plan B, but there are some easy ways that you can make your back up meal plans still feel special. Consider these options:

  • set a pretty table.
  • light candles.
  • use serving dishes instead of commercial containers.
  • make sure there are a few different side dishes as well as a bread basket.
  • include fun beverages.
  • play some nice music.

There’s no reason that using a backup meal plan should take the fun out of your evening. Plan accordingly and it will still be a great night!

What are your favorite Backup Meal Plans?

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