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A Month of Sizzling Summer Meal Plans

What’s your best bet for delicious, easy, and keep-your-cool dinner prep this month? I’ve got a magic bullet to solve your dinnertime dilemmas.

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Do you end up eating take-out too often?

Is grocery shopping an endless chore that leaves you buying and SPENDING more you need?

Do you forget to thaw that thing you NEEDED for dinner?

Do you feel RUSHED when it comes time to prepare the evening meal?

Do you wish that you could get your family to HELP you more with meal prep?

Are IMPULSE buys finding their way into your cart more often than they should?

Well, I’ve got a magic bullet that will solve all those issues — and leave you content when you leave the dinner table each night.

Voila! A meal plan!

Having a meal plan at the ready will ENABLE YOU to do several things:

  • AVOID pricey (and often unhealthy) take-out
  • grocery shop quickly and EASILY
  • thaw frozen ingredients in a TIMELY manner
  • PREP ingredients in the morning or the day before when you  have more time than right at dinner time
  • enlist family members to HELP with meal prep
  • SAVE MONEY because you are buying ingredients on purpose, not on impulse

Meal planning is not rocket science, but it is an important strategy to saving money as well as to keeping a healthy diet. The siren song of takeout is sometimes irresistible, is it not? A meal plan can help you avoid the drive-through and enjoy home-cooked meals instead.

How about A Month of Sizzling Summer Meal Plans?

June’s featured Month of Sizzling Summer Meal Plans will help you keep your cool.

For me summer connotes a break from routine, a little bit of laissez-faire, and a lot of fresh air and sunshine. I’ve lived in the dry dessert, in the humid midwest, and now along the moderate and often overcast seaside. No matter the climate, summer feels like a vacation to me, even though I took my last school exam well over 20 years ago.

As an adult I still crave laid-back summer days and splashes in the pool. As a mom, I desire a break from too much time in the hot kitchen. Meal planning plays an even more important role during the summer, mainly because I don’t buy much boxed cereal and we can’t have sandwiches every night.

Believe me; I tried.

Summers that sizzle with fun require dinners that don’t get me hot under the collar. That’s what this Month of Meals is about. I’ve curated some of my favorite recipes that just happen to have a few important things in common:

  • They are EASY to prepare.
  • They can be MADE IN ADVANCE, at least in part.
  • They help you KEEP YOUR COOL instead of heating up the kitchen.
  • They feature SUMMER PRODUCE and cuts of meat that go on sale in the summer months.
  • They have a little bit of a PARTY quality about them. You can include friends in your dinner plans without fear of serving them a hot dog casserole.

In choosing these recipes, I’ve leaned on my tried and true dinner “themes”. Each week features a hearty salad, a simple but delicious sandwich, something meaty to throw on the grill, an easy pasta dish, an affordable meatless meal, tasty tacos, and the ever-popular “breakfast for dinner”.

This month of meals is your best weapon against pricier, processed fare this summer. It solves your meal planning dilemma because the work’s all done for you – with a few extra touches to make those at your table feel pampered, like No-Bake Desserts to give you sweet treats without getting you hot under the collar.

SIGN ME UP ALREADY! Click here to learn more about June’s Month of Meal Plans. It’s available now for a mere NINE BUCKS.

That’s only $2.25 per week to have you eating good and cheap all month long!

Get the meal plan here:

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